With 10+ experience in matching tools, partners and solutions for various industries, we can make your business enabled.

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About us

Since 2006.

Since 2006 we provide specialized services for B2B and public administration in the areas of business processes, IT,  strategic management and more. We work for different industries, starting from banking, through life sciences and medicine, to engineering and public administration.

Who we are?

We are the team of data and business analysts, backed by 20+ IT professionals: designers, coders, testers, customer experience designers. Plus, we can provide extra resources for demanding projects.

Our selected projects.

  • Merger of 300+ public administration websites into self-service portal and Enterprise Content Management - Pre-implementation Consulting.
  • Requirement analysis for new core banking solution.
  • Optimization of workforce and processes for international insurance company.
  • Design, development and implementation of indoor navigation for shopping centers and public transportation hubs.
  • Project management for power grid construction project.
  • Transformation of local services into global SSC for utility company operating worldwide.

Our services

What we can do for you today?

Business Services

Business consulting
Process optimalization
Service design / Customer eXperience
Market research and feasibility

IT Consulting

Requirements Management
IT Project Management
Software Design and Delivery
Digital Transformation

Data Science Services

Data modelling and processing
Data-driven business decisions
R programming
Data consulting

Our delivery process

  • 1. Arrange & align

    Step one of every project is to set objectives and goals. We meet each other to  arrange project needs, scope and terms. 

  • 2. Collaborate & communicate

    After formal paperwork is done, we get underway. The most crucial thing in the project is the collaboration: we can help and participate in your success provided you cooperate in the project.

  • 3. Facts  & Figures

    There is no magic in it: only trustworthy information will deliver value to your business. We take care of high quality data, user stories, requirements, processes, and methods. 

  • 4. Design & Delivery

    Quality outputs are discussed, tested and then implemented in volatile business environment. Focusing on your success in long term can build sustainable competitive andvantage on the market.

  • 5. Evaluate

    The end of one project is the beginning of another: succesful implementation has to be measured and evaluated, and then fine-tuned. Performance indicators are the key in your success.